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                                                                                  Cotton farmer Dilshat Memet (1st R) and employees have a discussion on film mulching sower efficiency in a cotton field in Tungqeka Village of Xingping Township, Yuli County, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, April 13, 2021. When he graduated from Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics in 2012, Dilshat Memet decided to invest in cotton planting in his hometown Yuli County. Although there was also a job offer as public servant in a nearby town, the prospects of cotton business sounded more appealing to Dilshat, who now owns a cotton farm with an area of about 66 hectares. Contrary to what some have pictured as a labor-intensive trade, modern cotton production in Xinjiang has largely been mechanized. In Dilshat's case, large cotton harvesters have been put to use since 2017, whereas film mulching seeders were already introduced on cotton fields run by his relatives more than a decade ago. "Now we have even started to use unmanned tractors," said Dilshat. "Technology has slashed a great deal of our cotton planting cost." Yuli County is home to over 66,000 hectares of cotton fields, making it a major production base of premium cotton in China. In recent years, local authorities have provided multiple incentives, including preferential policies and technical services, to encourage mechanized cultivation of cotton. Mechanization of cotton production freed cotton planters like Dilshat from compulsory field work, and allowed them more time for investment alternatives. In 2019, Dilshat and partners started an agricultural company that offers drone spraying and mechanized cotton picking services to other cotton farmers. Meanwhile, Dilshat is making profit from sheep raising at an animal husbandry cooperative in which he and others have invested. Every afternoon, Dilshat will leave the cotton farm on time to pick up his daughter from school. "See? Planting cotton here is nothing different from going to work in an office -- everything has a schedule. I don't regret being a cotton farmer," said Dilshat, taking his daughter by the hand as they headed for home in town. (Xinhua/Zhao Ge)

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                                                                                  -- Luca Ferrari da Itália.

                                                                                    2020年5月,国家安全机关依法对陈某某进行审查。陈某某如实交代了自己加入反华非政府组织等违法行径。宋 燕  2月23日,在安徽省五河县临北回族乡段庄村,农民驾驶农业机械在麦田喷洒农药(无人机照片)。李菊英

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